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100% Custom Made from Head-to-Toe Standard Body Photo Recommendations

100% Custom Made from Head-to-Toe

If you can't find a stock body design that you like, then a 100% custom-made bobblehead doll, from head-to-toe, is the right choice for you. This option allows you to freely design your bobblehead doll, including its body and pose. These custom options are unlimited – if you can imagine it, we can create it!

1 Upload Your Photos

Include photos of the head and the body, and describe the desired pose and clothes. Specify all your requirements, and our artists will create your custom bobblehead by hand. You can also send your photos by email.

Include Clothes & Shoes

T-shirts, trousers, dresses, jackets, shoes and more

2 FREE Proofs

Receive FREE online proofs (in-progress preview photos) giving you the chance to make modification requests to your 100% custom Amazing Bobblehead.

Changes such as making the nose wider or lips thinner are all possible – this means the best personalized service when sculpting your doll and ensuring your complete satisfaction!

The customer service team is waiting to send you multiple views of your doll.

Approve your bobblehead only if you are 100% satisfied.
Join our many happy customers!

3 Done!

We ship your bobblehead worldwide.
Your well-packaged and insured bobblehead!

Standard Body

Head-Swapping Made Easy

Generally, customers choose between a standard body design (stock body) or a fully custom-made doll from head-to-toe. The standard body option allows you to use an existing stock body that will receive a new head, sculpted using the photos submitted. While this is a stock body, there are still plenty of customizable options available, such as color changes or base options.

1 Choose from 5000+ Stock Bodies

The photos you provide allow us to swap your head onto one of the many amazing stock bodies available from our categories. Take inspiration from an existing theme!

2 Head Swap

Upload your photos on our website
We will then sculpt your head with your selected stock body.

3 Doll Enhancements

Provide information about color changes and specify all your additional requirements.

Our artists will hand sculpt your head onto a standard body for amazing results and an awesome gift.

✔️ Head swap
✔️ Color change
✔️ T-shirt change

4 FREE Proofs

Receive FREE online proofs (in-progress preview photos), giving you the chance to make modification requests.

Approve your bobblehead only if you are 100% satisfied.

5 Done!

We ship your bobblehead worldwide.
Your well-packaged and insured bobblehead!

Photo Recommendations

In order to receive the best likeness and highest quality for your doll, our artists require good photos, especially of your face. If possible, these should be sharp and of high resolution.

We require one front view headshot and recommend a profile photo, as well. The profile photo will be used to sculpt the doll’s nose as realistically as possible. You can upload the photos via the website or simply send them by email to

Perfect examples for your photos 😊

Make yourself comfortable and stay close to the camera, as centered as possible.

Profile and rear view photos are optional.

The facial expression in the front view photo will be used by default for your doll.

Acceptable examples for your photos 🙂

Our artists can also work with photos that are not perfect, and we will still be able to produce great results. Please see examples of such photos that are still acceptable.

Examples of photos that are not recommended 😐

If your main front view photo is similar to these photos, and you don‘t have any other reference photos available, then the results may be disappointing. Our artists can only work from the photos provided, and poor photos make our work very difficult.

Extreme facial expressions are not recommended.