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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to receive my doll?
There are several options for the speed of sculpting and shipping during the checkout process. Amazing Bobbleheads offers a market-leading turnaround time. We can create and deliver your bobblehead to you in less than 13 business days. The durations displayed as sculpting options are applicable for orders of a single custom doll. In some cases, we will require additional time for the creation of additional identical copies, especially if ordered in large numbers. While we offer unlimited free revisions and a complimentary proofing process, every change will require additional 2-5 business days. The sculpting time starts after all details of the project are clear and confirmed (in some cases, mock-ups are needed to specify all details before we start with the sculpting process).
What payment options do you offer? Are they really safe and secure?
We offer payment by PayPal and all types of credit/debit cards. We don’t process or collect any of your sensitive financial information on our website but re-direct you to 100% secure and safe third-party processors, like PayPal.com, Authorize.net or Stripe.com. The highly secured servers of these specialized processing companies process millions of transactions daily and we can guarantee that your financial information (such as credit card numbers) will be 100% safe.
What is proofing?
We will send you in-process preview photos of your bobblehead during the creation stages. You are able to suggest changes to our artists after you have viewed these proofs. This procedure ensures that you will be fully satisfied with the final outcome.
Do you use 3D printing, or are your bobbleheads sculpted by hand?
3D printing could theoretically be used to produce dolls that have a high level of likeness. However, this would entail a full face/body scan at the producer’s facilities. Processes that involve 3D printing from photos are not superior to hand-sculpting as the photos do not provide sufficient details for these machines. Amazing Bobbleheads therefore uses only the most talented artists on this planet to create your doll. Human artists are able to provide an artistic touch to the creation process and can even use photos that are not perfect, while still ensuring a great outcome!
Will my bobblehead look exactly like the photo?
Bobbleheads are also known as a 3D cartoonization. This means that the dolls will resemble the person in the photo but with a slight cartoon effect, which is normally added by the artist. This cartoon effect is what makes this product so popular as an amazingly funny and unusual gift. An exact replication of the person's features is not always possible, because photos sometimes fail to capture the true nature of someone’s face. However, our artists will create your figurine with a very high degree of resemblance.
What materials are used?
We use Polyresin and/or Sculpey (PVC resin). We review each of our orders carefully and select the best material for the specific creation. While both materials are commonly used within the industry, and both generate top notch results, we believe that each bobblehead design is different and therefore we leave it to our artists to select the appropriate material for each project. You may also indicate during the checkout process if you have any specific material preference. All of our materials are guaranteed to be extremely durable, non-toxic and certified in accordance with the highest possible industry standards.
What if I don’t like my bobblehead? Do you offer refunds?
Yes. We will refund your money if you decide at any time during the creation process (pre-shipping) that you don’t like your bobblehead. Only a 20% cancellation fee applies to avoid non-serious “fun orders”. No refunds are possible after you have approved and received your bobblehead.
What are standard bodies, and what exactly is 100% custom made?
Standard bodies are pre-made stock bodies. You can personalize them by changing a stock body's color and of course adding your head on top. 100% custom made bobbleheads will have not only your head but also your complete body, all sculpted based on your photos and requirements. Please see the “How It Works” section for more details.
Why are additional identical copies so low-priced?
Additional identical copies can be very favorably priced if these identical copies are ordered at the same time as the prototype. We can use the same mold for the production which allows us to save time and therefore costs, so consider amazing additional copies for everyone!
Where can I find your bulk order prices?
Please email us at info@amazingbobbleheads.com if you are looking for a very competitive bulk order quote. We operate a best price guarantee, and therefore, we will be more than happy to provide you with the best rates on the market.
Do you ship anywhere in the world?
Yes, we offer low shipping rates worldwide. There are no extra fees for the shipping of our products to any worldwide location! Many of our customers purchase our custom bobbleheads as gifts, often for family and friends who are living abroad. Our flat rate shipping provides a great way to save on such international deliveries.
What is the cost of large sized identical copies?
Please note that the price of identical copies on the website is only for the standard size. Identical copies with a size of 10 inches are priced at 50% higher, and identical copies 12 inches in size are priced at 100% more than the advertised rate. Please consider these additional costs for identical copies when placing your order.
Please read before ordering somewhere else.
Unfortunately, during the last couple of months a lot of unscrupulous overseas sellers have entered the custom bobblehead market and advertise their website on the internet. They usually do not provide a contact us page with a valid address and phone number and operate out of China. We have had many customers informing us about problems with such sellers, who have even shipped empty parcels to their unfortunate customers just to have a valid tracking number with signature. This will protect them from a credit card chargeback. Generally, these websites do not offer customer service by phone as they are unable to communicate effectively in English Language. Also, they do usually not have an active Facebook page where customers share photos of their bobbleheads. For your own protection, please call your bobblehead company and ask to speak to customer service representative before placing your order or review the activity on the associated Facebook page. We are the custom bobblehead market leader and have established a brand that is known for dedicated customer service and high quality custom bobbleheads. You can always call us and talk to a real customer service representative, and if it happens that all of our team members are busy talking to another customer, someone will always call you back and follow up with you. We offer a generous no-questions ask refund policy and extensive proofing. Needless to say, we can not compete with prices and turnaround times offered by websites that are set up as a scam. We assume that just a couple of such sellers have set up multiple websites and they do change their domain and business name frequently as customers leave negative reviews and they are forced to change their online identity quickly. There are several good US based bobblehead companies that are successfully working in this industry for many years, however, please make sure not to become a victim of fraudulent overseas websites.
Where are your bobbleheads made?
There are no ways to produce hand-made custom bobbleheads of good quality in the USA or Europe. Although we would love to produce them in the United States, there is no feasible option to do so, at a price customers would accept. We are therefore forced to produce our custom bobbleheads in China. Most of our competing websites are run by Chinese merchants who do not provide quality control or customer service. The result is often a very low quality product which can arrive several months too late. We have a dedicated quality control team and an attentive customer service team. We also have in-house designers who make sure all customer requirements are met before the custom bobblehead goes into production. There are a lot of advantages ordering from a US based merchant including money back guarantees. Although we produce in China, our business and owner's personal taxes are paid 100% in the United States and your order makes it possible to employ our US based staff. This means your order with us supports the economy of the United States, and you receive the best product possible at a very good price. If required, we can offer custom made bobbleheads made in the USA, however, pricing would be about 5-10 times that currently advertised on our website.