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Fully Customizable – 1 Pet/Animal

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The Model that you have selected will allow you to design your pet/animal (e.g. dog, cat, bird, horse etc) in every possible combination. This includes options for outfits, shapes, positions, fur, collars and anything else you may wish to add.

You may upload your photos via the website or simply send them directly to us by email to Ideally, the photos should be taken in the viewing angles mentioned below. Please submit to us sharp and high resolution photos.

Our artists are highly skilled and experienced and will also be able to work with medium quality photos that show the person(s) or subject(s) to be sculpted. If you ensure the face and pose are easily recognizable then the results will be AMAZING. We understand that our dolls are often gifts and as such exact head shots are not always easy to arrange, so please supply the very best possible photos. We will do our best with whatever photos you have!


Information: Highlights, markings and spots in the fur will be taken from the photos.

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See Color Chart


Instructions & Comments (Pet/Animal):

Please provide clear instructions to the artist who will review your photos. Here you have the chance to tell the artist exactly what you are looking for and what he is supposed to create. Please specify all the add ons you wish to have included such as a collar, a leash or anything else you want on your custom animal figurine. Minor add-ons are free at Amazing Bobbleheads. Isn’t it amazing? :)



Base Type

Here you can upgrade the free standard base to something more special. A custom base allows you to modify the base in the way you want. Some popular examples are: a green lawn, a sandy beach, a football field or a red heart shape. You can also modify the size of the base and add small props (e.g. a TV, a tennis racket, a ball, a guitar, a trophy etc.) if you select the custom option.

The most complex base option is a custom base plus background. With this option you are free to create whatever scenery you can imagine. Add a building, a church, a living room, a sofa or even a stadium to your creation. You can get really creative here and design something absolutely unique!

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Additional Identical Copies

Information: You may now add identical copies to your shopping cart at a discounted price. Additional copies can also be added at a later stage, however, you would need to inform us about your intention to order additional copies in the “Additional Information” section above or via email at the time of ordering. Please note that the production time displayed in the “Sculpting Options” is only for 1 bobblehead. Adding even a larger number of identical copies to our “Standard Sculpting” and “Fast Sculpting” options will most likely not delay the production time. Adding more than 3 identical copies to our "Faster Sculpting" and "Fastest Sculpting" option will possibly increase the production time slightly. Please contact us via email at for a custom quote if you require a large number of bobbleheads in a very short time, or if you require a quantity larger than 100 bobbleheads. We will provide you with a competitive custom quote.

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